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    Does grocery points card beneficial?

    I think you love shopping! Just kidding :) I think it is not a waste of money if a person is into shopping or goes to shop weekly because it is a big benefit especially if you are a big spender. Nonetheless, if you go shopping once a month and but just the basic necessities, well grocery points...
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    Holiday season promo in Duty Free Philippines

    This is a big wow! 40% off is indeed a very big discount. Filipinos have sweet tooth especially women. Whenever we go to Duty Free, almost 80% of our purchased items are chocolates and biscuits because our loved ones especially my kids and sisters love it so much. When I travel overseas...
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    National Bookstore Deals

    This is interesting! I strongly agree that many of us especially in this forum like to read books as many as we can. I will keep that term in mind and surely will remember this when I read books. Thank you for sharing! :)
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    Fly for Free with Skyjet - Philippines

    Wow, this is absolutely a great news! Since it's my birth month, this is a promo that will never be forgotten. I am going to check their website later. This is worth sharing, thanks!
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    Free meal on your birthday on buffet restaurant

    Family, friends and loved ones really complete a special day. When I celebrate my birthday, my family is always complete, we celebrate it with some of my friends and of course my loved ones, too. We eat out and have a continuation of celebration at home.
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    Free meal on your birthday on buffet restaurant

    Indeed! It feels very special receiving such complimentary gifts from the people you do not personally know. Songs are also good to hear on your special day especially if you have known that it was played for you. I think it is a nice gift, too!
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    Who wants coffee?

    Thanks for such a compliment! :) Great to hear that you are a fan of coffee too like me and I envy you for planning to have a coffee shop. With great research and passion on making great coffee tastes, I know your plan will be a success. Good luck! (y):coffee::love:
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    Who wants coffee?

    I am a coffee lover and I am into espresso macchiato! Some hate espresso because of a misconception that it basically tastes too bitter and came from roasted coffee beans. It is not roast at all but it is a method used to prepare it. Espresso is often blended with different varieties to form a...
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    Thanks for sharing about this. Hopefully that is just for the mean time and not permanently. The game is exciting and it never bored me. Having fun while earning something is great combo!
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    Likewise. I used to play it many times and won a couple of penny from them however they made a lot of changes two weeks ago and that was the app will be strictly played by the US based players. It saddens me a lot, too. Hopefully, they will go back to the original set up so everybody can play.
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    Free meal on your birthday on buffet restaurant

    All restaurants have their own marketing strategy where they can gain more customers. It's like a win-win situation that is favorable to everybody. There is a saying, the more the merrier! :D 'Free' is something that no one can ever decline. :)
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    Book Reservations & Get Massive Discounts With Eatigo (Asia)

    I tried checking this app and indeed great! It has a lot of listed restaurants, either big or small, from fine dining to food chains. Thanks for sharing this app. Now, I can have more choices of where to treat my family every weekend.
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    Restaurant Discounts (Philippines)

    I also live in the Philippines. Basically, Shakey's Restaurant is good for families who like eating much pizza. They have promos like buy 1 take 1 and sometimes they send messages via text of their promos and discounts for the month.
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    Mercury Drug Discount

    Wow, I like organizers! With this, I'll be asking the Mercury Drug store in my place tomorrow, hopefully they have it too! :) I agree with the thought of giving many choices for giveaways because it can basically boost their sales and this can be very inviting for their customers,
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    Mercury Drug Discount

    Absolutely right! I think like purchasing a thousand bucks will give you 5 points. Each point is converted into peso. I heard about the Mercury Drug umbrella and it will be very useful since it's rainy season now in the Philippines. However, for the Mercury Drug notebook, I'm not pretty sure if...