10% OFF Student Discount For Nike Products

No coupon needed for this one, just head on over to https://www.nike.com/us/en_us/c/help/student-discount and on the front page there should be a large banner advertising this promo and a button where you can verify your details as proof you are a student and you will get a code for 10% OFF sitewide on all Nike products offered. Take advantage of this sale now as it may end soon, and please do come back and let us know if you were able to buy anything during this promo period. :)
I have checked some items and i found this hat, my daughter loves Nike and she has a small collection at home. I think she's gonna love this.. at $17 minus the the student discount is a huge saving for a great brand. Thanks for the share...
This is the type of deal that makes me wish that it came out when I was still a student as I would have taken advantage of the discount to do some nice shopping. Anyways, it is nice for students that enjoy wearing Nike products.
That's such a fantastic thing for them to do! I know that back when I was studying, any money I could save was such a massive help - so I think it's important for students to take advantage of these deals when they can!
I've been looking for Nike discounts. Thank for sharing this!
Good thing I am currently studying. Though I am not certain if I can avail the discount even if I am taking my Master's degree. I'm still a student, right?
My brother loves shoes. I think his favorite brand is Nike. He saves money just to buy shoes. I will tell him about this, good for him that he is still a student. Thanks for the share.
My son wants me to buy him Nike Shoes. They're quite pricey so I'm hesitant about it. Bought him a different brand. But if it comes with a discount for students, I might well check this out. Thanks for letting us know about this.