Jin Joo Korean restaurant unlimited samgyupsal

Samgyupsal is getting popular in the Philippines. It is the contemporary of the Chinese hotpot where the pork is grilled on the dining table. In Jin Joo Korean Restaurant, Samgyupsal is offered for 499 pesos or just about $10. The pork slabs are unlimited. We tried it last week and we were able to finish just 6 pork slices and that’s 3 each for me and my companion. The meal comes complete with the dips and garnishing like sashimi, free drinks and rice too.
I've tried this although not the same exact restaurant but a similar one and I agree that it really is worth the price because you not only get free unlimited barbecue meat but also you get unlimited orders of side dishes as well such as rice and vegetables. I honestly prefer other types of buffets but it's undeniable that this also is a great deal and it tastes so good as well.
I've never been to a restaurant wherein I can grill the pork on the dining table. But whenever I watch this on youtube, I start to crave and watching this makes me want to go to this kind of Restaurant. Maybe I will try this with my friends one day. I like the idea that I can grill my own food. I think they have a good package knowing that it comes with dips, garnishing, and drinks. Thanks for sharing.