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  1. NesMarcos


    Hi there everyone! It's me again. Have you guys heard K.O. Trivia? It's an online game for trivia like Paydro live however, it has an unlimited games and questions to answer. So, how does it work? All you need to do is install the app. It is available both in Apple App Store and Google Play...
  2. NesMarcos

    National Bookstore Deals

    Everybody knows the National Bookstore if you live in the Philippines. It is a bookstore that sells not just books but also school, office and art supplies. They also have their online store which offers free shipping and cash on delivery payment scheme. They also give up to 70% off for online...
  3. NesMarcos

    Mercury Drug Discount

    Does anyone know the Mercury Drug Website? In the Philippines, one of the most well-known pharmacy chain is the Mercury Drug. It offers food, drinks, hygiene stuff, baby's necessities like milk and diapers, and most importantly, they have branded and generic...
  4. NesMarcos


    Does anyone know about SNAPCART? It is a mobile app that allows shoppers to get rebates and rewards by uploading a picture/s of the receipts for groceries, medicine and cosmetics but not perfume. These items purchased should be for personal use only or from the same household and not for...