Mercury Drug Discount


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My OB-Gyne few months back gave me some discount coupons with Mercury Drug. I got to use the coupons for every 10 tablets or capsules I purchased. And since I purchased these prescriptions for 2 weeks long, I had saved a lot. We all know how much meds cost these days and to be given discounts is a relief.


Thank you for sharing this, I don't know they have discount coupons. What I'm aware is there Sukicard. My mother has one. She loves buying in Mercury drugstore because of the points she can get specially when buying medicine. Also, there drugstore is a leading pharmacy in my country. She buys there all the time. Last time, she use her points to buy milk. She didn't pay for it. It was a good deal.


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Wow! I will definitely visit their website and mercury drug store one of these days. I want discount and suki card. I always put extra money to save. And we all know that having suki card or discount when you purchace is one way of saving. Thank you for sharing.


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The website is convenient but does anyone miss the coupons attached to Mercury Drug calendars before? :) I wonder if we still have them now. When I was young, I really thought these coupons were money haha! :)