Mobile App for Grocery Rebates Philippines

There's a mobile app that gives you rebates on grocery items it's called "Snapcart". Shoppers can get a rebate by taking a photo of the receipt of certain items in their list and you'll get up to 20 percent in rebates and rewards.

sheriff 22

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Shoppers can get rebates by taking a picture of their grocery receipts and uploading them into "Snapcart". As much as 20 percent in rebates are available for more than 200 items. This app would be very useful in your case.


I've been using snapcart for months now. So far, so good. I love that you just shop and you can get cashback from your grocery shopping. Its just that it doesn't work for the small grocery stores. They don't accept the receipts. I tried submitting 3 receipts from small stores, it wasn't accepted. I live in an island so most stores we have here is not known nationwide. The receipts they accepted that I submitted are from Mercury drug store and Gaisano Supermarket. They also accept receipts of medicines.