How to Save on Baby Formula with Coupons and Free Discount Programs

How to Save on Baby Formula with Coupons and Free Discount Programs
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Are you looking to find coupons on baby formula?  What about those discount programs for new moms to help with the rising cost of raising a baby?  If so, you are in the right place.  In this article we will outline the best ways to save money on baby formula and other new mom necessities.

One thing is certain – raising a child is expensive and is not going to get any cheaper.  In fact, a recent report says the average cost to raise a child during its first year of life is $12,000.  One of the most expensive costs for a new baby is formula which can run over $25 per container but there are a number of ways you can help reduce this cost including the following:


The easiest way to avoid the cost of formula is to breastfeed your baby.  Not only is this cost effective but many experts believe that breastfeeding provides your baby with the highest level of nutrition possible.  We do understand fully that for many new moms breastfeeding is not a possibility for one reason or another so keep reading for additional ways to save.

WIC (Women, Infant, Children) Program

WIC is a federally funded program that provides assistance to low-income households to help offset the cost of caring for your child.  If you are found eligible WIC can be used to pay for baby formula and other nutrition-based drink supplements recommended by your doctor.  Click HERE to learn more about WIC and its requirements/limitations.

Freebie New Mom Programs

Many of the major baby formula manufacturers such as Enfamil, Similac, Gerber and Nestle will send you a bundle of ‘freebies’ which generally include samples and coupons for their products.  These programs are completely free so all you need to do is sign up.  Direct links for these programs are found below:

Similac – Strong Moms Rewards Program

Enfamil – Family Beginnings Program

Gerber – Join MyGerber

Nestle – Baby Club


While finding coupons for baby formula can be difficult it is not impossible.  We suggest you start by sending messages to the major formula manufacturers directly and request free samples or coupons.  This can be accomplished easily via email and Facebook messenger.  We also know that it is not uncommon for your pediatric doctor to have a supply of coupons and samples for different baby formulas so don’t be afraid to reach out to your local hospital and/or clinic.  Lastly, check coupon.com to see if they currently have any baby formula coupons available to print.      

Amazon Baby Box

If you set up a baby registry on Amazon then you are eligible to receive a ‘baby box’ which contains various baby products and freebies.  Also, if you plan on purchasing baby items such as formula and diapers on a regular basis then you will definitely want to look into their subscription option which can save you as much as 30%.  In general Amazon’s prices for baby products are very competitive and if you are an Amazon Prime member then 2-day shipping is always free.

Tips to Consider

Don’t wait until your baby is born to sign up for freebie program or begin looking for coupon resources.  We recommend you start this process no later than the last trimester of your pregnancy.  This will give you adequate time to get your freebies in-hand before your bundle of joy arrives.

Don’t go too crazy stockpiling baby items such as formula BEFORE your baby arrives.  Two reasons for this:  first, baby formula is perishable and may expire if you have too much of it sitting in your closet for too long.  Second, you may learn that your child doesn’t ‘take’ to a specific brand or type of baby formula and it may be necessary to switch brands altogether.  You don’t want to find yourself with a closet full of formula that your child has a sensitivity to and therefore can’t use.

Keep Calm and Coupon

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