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Save $0.35 with any ONE (1) purchase of WONDER CLASSIC LOAF Coupon

Save $0.35 with any ONE (1) purchase of WONDER CLASSIC LOAF Coupon
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You can save $0.35 with any ONE (1) purchase of WONDER CLASSIC LOAF. Read the details to start saving.



$0.35 OFF with any ONE (1) purchase of WONDER CLASSIC LOAF.

-You’ll get one 20 oz loaf of Wonder Classic Sliced White Bread

-Two slices of Wonder Classic White sandwich bread has as much calcium as an 8 oz glass of milk

-Breakfast, lunch and dinner — Wonder fits into every meal from French toast bread to PB&Js to garlic bread

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Target Deal:

Buy any ONE (1) purchase of Wonder Round Top White Sliced Bread @ $2.99

Use $0.35 off on any ONE (1) Wonder Classic Loaf 20oz Printable & Online Coupon

Final Price  = $2.64 only!

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