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How to Make Money Online: 15 Proven Quick Ways

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How to Make Money Online

This article will explore 15 proven quick ways to make money online, guiding you through various strategies such as blogging, affiliate marketing, and ecommerce. By delving into topics like creating engaging product listings, utilizing paid ads efficiently, and leveraging memberships for recurring income, it provides a roadmap for anyone looking to start or enhance their online money-making journey. Whether you’re aiming to build a niche website, become a social media influencer, or sell handmade products on platforms like Etsy, this carefully curated list offers actionable advice on optimizing your online presence and revenue streams.

How to Make Money Online

Pick Up Freelance Work Online

Freelancing has become a popular career choice for individuals seeking autonomy and flexibility in their work schedules, allowing them to select projects that interest them [8]. This type of self-employment involves offering services to clients as independent contractors, usually on a project basis, which can include a wide range of tasks from digital marketing to graphic design [8].

freelancer - working from home

Popular Freelance Platforms

To streamline the search for freelance work, setting up profiles on top freelance websites is essential [4]. Platforms like Upwork offer a vast array of job postings updated continuously, catering to various freelancing disciplines [4]. Designhill connects employers with freelance designers through project contests or direct service searches [4]. LinkedIn has also introduced its Services Marketplace to help businesses find qualified freelancers, further enhancing opportunities by sending project leads directly to freelancers [4]. For those looking for creative gigs, Behance and Dribbble are excellent platforms showcasing extensive portfolios in fields like graphic design and web development [4].

Necessary Skills

Successful freelancing requires a diverse set of skills. Essential abilities include communication, time management, technical proficiency, adaptability, self-discipline, and continuous learning [8]. In the digital realm, skills such as SEO, graphic design, and social media management are particularly in demand [9]. For instance, SEO involves optimizing content to rank highly on search engines—a crucial skill for digital marketing [9]. Graphic design remains vital across various platforms, necessitating skills in creating visual content that aligns with current branding trends [9].

Payment Methods

Choosing the right payment method is crucial for freelancers to manage their finances effectively. Popular methods include bank transfers and card payments, each offering different benefits depending on the freelancer’s needs [10]. Platforms like PayPal and Stripe provide secure, reliable payment solutions, catering to a global clientele and facilitating both one-time and recurring payments [10]. For those concerned with transaction security and client reliability, services like Escrow offer a structured payment process where funds are released only after the completion of agreed-upon milestones [10].

Freelancers must consider various factors when selecting payment methods, including transaction fees, payment security, and integration with other business tools, to ensure smooth financial operations and client satisfaction [10].

Test Websites and Apps

How It Works

Testing websites and apps offers a flexible way to earn money by influencing the biggest brands and latest technologies. Participants typically sign up on a testing platform, complete a set of tasks while speaking their thoughts out loud, and sometimes make screen, audio, or video recordings. These tests can be performed on either mobile or desktop devices, depending on the platform’s requirements [19][20].

Platforms to Use

Several platforms facilitate website and app testing. UserPeek, for example, allows testers to sign up, perform tasks on websites or apps, and provide vocal feedback for about 15 to 20 minutes. Another popular platform, UserTesting, offers daily opportunities to test new products from companies worldwide. For those interested in testing a variety of digital products, Tester Work provides a global platform where freelancers can earn money by testing applications and websites [19][20][14].

Payment Details

Payment for website and app testing varies depending on the platform and the complexity of the tasks. UserPeek, for instance, pays its testers per test via PayPal shortly after the test is approved. Payments can be as high as US$10 for every 15 to 20 minutes of testing. Tester Work also compensates its testers for reported bugs or completed test cases, with payments made through PayPal or Upwork within two weeks after the completion of the task [19][14].

Take Online Surveys

Online survey on a tablet

Best Survey Sites

Several platforms offer opportunities for taking online surveys, each with unique benefits. Swagbucks, for instance, allows users to earn through diverse activities such as watching videos, playing games, and using their search engine, besides taking surveys [23]. InboxDollars provides earnings by engaging in surveys, games, and even reading emails, with a claim of having paid out over $80 million since inception [23]. For those looking for a variety of tasks including surveys, KashKick offers rewards that accumulate in an online account, with payouts starting at $10 via PayPal [23]. Survey Junkie presents a straightforward approach, focusing predominantly on surveys, enabling users to earn about $40 per month if they complete three surveys daily [23].

Earnings Potential

While engaging in online surveys won’t replace a full-time income, it can provide a modest supplement to your earnings. Typically, surveys pay between $0.50 to $5.00, with some occasionally offering up to $20 for more detailed or specific demographic profiles [23]. However, the earnings can be quite variable and depend heavily on the number of surveys one qualifies for and completes. It’s important to set realistic expectations and understand that while you can earn some extra cash, it won’t be substantial [27][28].

Tips for Maximizing Earnings

To make the most out of online surveys, consider the following strategies: First, sign up for multiple survey sites to increase the number of surveys available to you [28]. Complete your profile thoroughly to improve your chances of qualifying for more surveys [28]. Be honest in your responses to maintain credibility and continue receiving survey invitations [28]. Additionally, regularly checking your email and survey notifications ensures you don’t miss out on timely opportunities [28]. Lastly, cash out your earnings frequently to mitigate the risk of losing them if the survey site changes its terms or closes down [23].

Start a Blog or Website

Setting Up a Blog

Starting a blog involves several key steps that can be accomplished in about 10 to 15 minutes. The process begins with selecting a blog name and niche, which should ideally reflect the topics you plan to cover or your personal brand [31]. Next, getting your blog online is crucial, and this is done by choosing a reliable web hosting service. Web hosting is essential as it makes your site accessible to others on the internet [31]. For those new to blogging, platforms like WordPress offer an easy-to-use system that powers a significant portion of the internet’s blogs [31].

To enhance your blog’s design, utilizing a free WordPress theme allows for professional-looking results without initial investment. This approach not only makes your blog appealing but also functional, catering to the aesthetic preferences of your audience [31].

Monetizing Through Ads and Affiliate Marketing

Monetizing a blog can be approached through various strategies. Display advertising and affiliate marketing are two popular methods. By integrating ads through networks like Google AdSense, bloggers can earn revenue based on user clicks and impressions [35]. Alternatively, affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services in your blog posts and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral links [34][35].

Choosing the right affiliate marketing platforms and products that align with your blog’s niche and your values is crucial for maintaining authenticity and maximizing revenue [34]. It’s also important to disclose affiliate relationships transparently to build trust with your audience [34].

Building an Audience

The cornerstone of a successful blog is its audience. Identifying and understanding your target audience is the first step towards building a readership. Creating reader personas can help tailor your content to meet the specific needs and preferences of your audience [39]. Engaging with your audience through consistent, high-quality content and leveraging SEO strategies to increase visibility are also vital [32][33].

Additionally, employing social media platforms to promote your blog and engage with a broader audience can significantly extend your reach and influence [31]. Collecting email addresses and building an email list allows for direct communication with your readers, further enhancing engagement and retaining your audience [38].

By following these structured steps and employing strategic monetization and audience-building techniques, bloggers can establish a successful online presence that not only attracts readers but also generates income.

Sell Products on Etsy or Other Marketplaces

Creating Your Product Line

When venturing into selling on platforms like Etsy, it’s crucial to focus on creating a product line that resonates with the target market. Popular items on Etsy include handmade jewelry, art prints, home decor, and craft supplies [46]. A successful product line should reflect the unique tastes and preferences of the Etsy community, while also standing out amidst the competition. Developing a new product line involves identifying target customers, understanding their needs through market research, and creating innovative solutions that cater specifically to those needs [40]. Highlighting a unique selling proposition (USP) that differentiates your products from competitors is essential, whether it’s through superior quality, innovative design, or cost-effectiveness [40].

Setting Up Your Shop

To start selling on Etsy, one must first create a free account at Etsy.com/sell and set up the shop by selecting the shop language, country, and currency [45]. High-quality photos and detailed product descriptions are key to attracting buyers [46]. Each product listing can include up to ten photos and a video ranging from 5-15 seconds to better showcase the items [45]. It’s also important to categorize products correctly and include comprehensive details like pricing and shipping information [45]. Utilizing Etsy Payments simplifies the transaction process for sellers and buyers by offering various payment options and allowing payments in multiple currencies [45].

Marketing Your Products

Effective marketing is crucial for success on Etsy. Social media platforms play a significant role in promoting products. Sharing your shop on social networks like Instagram, which had 1.21 billion monthly active users in 2021, can significantly increase visibility and sales [45]. Additionally, platforms like Pinterest, with 459 million active users monthly, are ideal for showcasing products and driving traffic to the shop [45]. Implementing a clear marketing strategy that includes social media marketing, email marketing, and participating in the Etsy community can enhance shop visibility and customer engagement [46][48]. Running paid ads on social media and optimizing the Etsy store for SEO are also effective strategies to attract more buyers [48].

By integrating these strategies, sellers can effectively set up, market, and manage their Etsy shops, potentially reaching millions of buyers interested in unique, handmade, and vintage items.

Become an Instagram Influencer

Building Your Following

To become a successful Instagram influencer, building a substantial follower base is crucial. Brands typically prefer to collaborate with influencers who have at least a few thousand followers [52]. Creating high-quality content consistently, engaging with your audience, and showcasing what sets you apart are essential strategies for attracting and retaining followers [53]. Influencers should focus on defining their niche precisely, as this helps in attracting brands that resonate with the same target audience [53]. Additionally, using products in posts from brands you aspire to collaborate with can serve as excellent practice and demonstrate your content creation skills [52].

Collaborating with Brands

Collaborating with brands can significantly enhance an influencer’s exposure and lead to various financial benefits. A brand collaboration usually involves creating content that promotes the brand’s products to the influencer’s followers, which can include social media posts, sponsored blog posts, or product placements [53]. Before starting any collaboration, it’s crucial to discuss expectations, content creation guidelines, and payment terms with the brand [53]. Establishing partnerships with respected brands can help influencers be perceived as trustworthy and authoritative figures in their niche, thus earning the respect and trust of their followers [53]. Influencers should also consider joining platforms like Upfluence or Captiv8, which can facilitate connections with brands looking for promotional partnerships [53].

Monetizing Your Influence

Monetizing influence on Instagram involves various strategies, such as sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and selling personal merchandise. Influencers can earn through sponsored content where brands pay for product promotion within posts [55]. Affiliate marketing is another lucrative option, where influencers promote products and earn commissions on sales generated through their unique referral links [57]. Additionally, influencers with a creative streak can design and sell their own merchandise, like T-shirts or digital products, directly through Instagram using shoppable posts [57]. For those with a significant following, engaging in Instagram’s native monetization features like Badges during live videos can also provide an additional revenue stream [55].

Create and Sell Online Courses or E-Books

Identifying Your Niche

When developing an online course or e-book, identifying a niche that aligns with your expertise and passion is crucial. It is important to select a subject you are knowledgeable about, as potential students expect their instructor to be an expert [58]. Researching to ensure there is an audience interested in your topic is also vital, as this affects the potential success of the course [58][59]. Focusing on a specific niche not only reduces competition but also allows for better targeting of your audience, which can significantly increase engagement and sales [59].

Creating Quality Content

Creating engaging and valuable content is essential for the success of online courses and e-books. Start by structuring your content to include a variety of elements such as videos, pictures, and interactive media to keep the audience engaged [62]. It’s also beneficial to incorporate storytelling to make the content more relatable and memorable [62][63]. Ensure that the course is easy to follow and includes all necessary resources like a syllabus, calendar, and instructional materials [61]. Additionally, using a learning management system (LMS) can help in creating a more structured and navigable course [66].

Platforms for Selling

Choosing the right platform to sell your courses or e-books can significantly impact your success. There are two main types of platforms: course marketplaces and course creation software [64]. Marketplaces offer the advantage of an existing student base but often come with limitations on pricing and customization [64]. On the other hand, course creation software provides more control over branding and monetization options, though it may require a stronger existing online presence [64][65]. Platforms like Mighty Networks offer extensive features including community engagement tools, integrated features for live events, and robust monetization options, making it a comprehensive choice for selling online courses [65].

YouTube Content Creation

Choosing a Niche

Selecting the right niche is crucial for YouTube success. A focused niche not only helps in attracting a specific audience but also plays a significant role in getting recommended by YouTube’s algorithm [68]. For instance, a channel dedicated to personal audio reviews might attract more targeted viewers than a general tech channel because it addresses a specific audience’s needs [68]. Creators should consider niches that not only interest them but also have potential for growth and less competition [68]. Identifying an underserved subgenre within a broader category can provide unique content opportunities and help a channel stand out [68][69].

Video Production Tips

Producing high-quality videos is essential for engaging and retaining viewers. Beginners can start with basic equipment like smartphones and free editing software but should consider upgrading to professional gear like DSLRs or mirrorless cameras for improved video quality [72]. Effective use of tripods, external microphones, and proper lighting can significantly enhance video production values [72]. Additionally, planning the content layout, scripting key points, and conducting test recordings can prevent potential issues during the actual shooting [72]. Creators should also focus on creating dynamic videos by using various camera angles and incorporating high-quality editing to maintain viewer interest [72].

Monetization Strategies

Monetizing YouTube content effectively requires understanding and utilizing multiple revenue streams. Joining the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a primary step, which allows creators to earn through ads, memberships, and Super Chat among other features [73][74]. To be eligible for YPP, creators must meet specific criteria such as minimum subscriber count and watch hours, and adhere to YouTube’s monetization policies [73][74]. Beyond ads, creators can engage in affiliate marketing, secure sponsorships, and sell merchandise directly through their channel [70][74]. It’s essential for creators to diversify their income sources to build a sustainable financial model from their YouTube activities [70][74].


Throughout this article, we’ve explored a comprehensive array of strategies for making money online, from freelancing and testing websites to blogging, selling on Etsy, and becoming an Instagram influencer. These routes not only offer the potential for financial gain but also allow for flexibility and autonomy in one’s work life. Emphasizing the significance of selecting the right niche, creating engaging content, and utilizing the appropriate platforms can dramatically enhance your online earning potential. The journey to monetizing your skills and passions online is paved with opportunities for growth, creativity, and connection.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too do the avenues for generating income online. By taking actionable steps toward implementing the strategies discussed, you can begin to carve out your own space in the digital economy. Whether your goal is to supplement your income or to build a full-fledged online business, the potential is vast and varied. If you’re ready to take the next step in your online money-making journey, start earn today. Embrace the process, and you may find that the rewards extend far beyond the monetary.


1. What are some legitimate ways to make money quickly?
To earn money quickly and legitimately, consider the following options:

  • Drive for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft.
  • Deliver food or groceries.
  • Participate in online surveys.
  • Offer pet sitting services.
  • Sell clothes and accessories online.
  • Sell unused gift cards.
  • Secure a bank bonus by opening a new account.
  • Assist others with simple daily tasks.

2. How can I earn $100 per day online?
To make $100 per day online, explore these avenues:

  • Start an ecommerce store.
  • Work as a freelancer in your field of expertise.
  • Create and sell online courses.
  • Build your influence on social media and collaborate with brands.
  • Drive for rideshare companies such as Uber or Lyft.
  • Provide online tutoring services.
  • Host guests through Airbnb.
  • Offer pet sitting services.

3. What are some ways to earn money online instantly?
If you’re looking to make money online instantly, consider these options:

  • Write and publish an ebook.
  • Develop and market a mobile app.
  • Offer virtual tutoring services.
  • Become an influencer and monetize your social media presence.
  • Build and design websites.
  • Start investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies.
  • Sell your artwork or photography online.
  • Work as an online translator.

4. What is the easiest and fastest method to make money online?
The easiest and fastest ways to make money online include:

  • Engage in freelance work through platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.com.
  • Test websites and apps for usability.
  • Utilize AI tools for various online tasks.
  • Complete online surveys.
  • Monetize your blog with affiliate marketing.
  • Sell handmade or vintage items on Etsy.
  • Self-publish ebooks on platforms like Amazon Kindle.


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