The Hidden Treasure: Find Hidden Objects, play Match 3 Puzzle Quest games to investigate the mysteries of the Caribbean islands! Become a pirate in this adventure full of secrets!


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ESC WELT Wooden Secret Lock Box 3D Puzzle Game - Creative Gift Box for Money, Vouchers, Gift Cards - 3-in-1 Wooden Box Game - Gift Box Riddle Game - Gift Box for Teens and Adults - 3D Wooden Puzzle

$19.89  in stock
as of 01/09/2024 9:58 pm


  • ⚒ Top building and puzzle fun - The 3D wooden secret box has many interactive mechanisms, which is why assembling it guarantees even more building fun! Solving the wooden gift box you will find new elements inside so you can have double puzzle fun. The 3D wooden box for adults is perfect for entertaining evenings.
  • ⭐Suitable for Any Occasion - Whether it's a birthday, wedding, celebration, or simply as packaging for a gift, this extraordinary wooden gift box is perfect for any special occasion. Make your gift stand out and leave a lasting impression! Surprise your family and friends with this tricky puzzle adventure.
  • Emotions Are the Best Gift - Are you looking for the most creative wooden gift box at the event? Want to present your cash gift or voucher card in a personalized and imaginative way? Look no further than the Wooden Secret Box! Let the excitement and anticipation build as they solve the puzzle to reveal their surprise.
  • Reusable - Once the wooden gift box is solved, it can be reassembled, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of the Escape Room in a Box and over again. If you're ever stuck, we provide helpful tips and tricks to guide you along the way. The wooden gift box game consists of many mechanical puzzles, so the gaming experience is much more interactive and exciting.
  • Unique Gift Idea - Personalized wooden gift boxes with hidden compartments provide a heartfelt way to express your love and appreciation to men, women, adults, and children alike. Ideal for storing jewelry, small treasures, or handwritten notes, this secret box serves as a versatile accessory that adds a touch of elegance and mystery to any room or office space.

Kyltoor Underwater Metal Detector, 7.4" Waterproof Metal Detector for Kids, Lightweight Gold Detector with Pinpoint Function, Beach Metal Detector

$129.99  in stock
as of 01/09/2024 9:58 pm


  • FIND BURIED TREASURE – This metal detector kit is the perfect tool for a treasure-hunting expedition! The 7.4" dual coil is waterproof and has adjustable sensitivity to detect objects up to 6" deep. It's perfect as a beach metal detector!
  • 3 MODES – This metal detector with 3 modes: ①Vibration and Sound ②Vibration ③Sound to choose from which one suits you best. When target is detected, it will vibrate and flash, or vibrate, or flash with a bright light to hint to you with the utmost attention there are treasures.
  • PINPOINT FUNCTION FOR PRECISE DETECTION – This metal detector stands apart thanks to its innovative pinpoint function. This feature allows you to locate targets more precisely once the larger area is detected. Save time and effort when digging!
  • DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR KIDS – This high-quality metal detector's telescoping arm provides length adjustment, while the comfort grip makes it easy for all treasure hunters to use. At just 1.4 pounds, kids can carry it all day!
  • HIGH-QUALITY METAL DETECTOR – Beginner metal detector is lightweight and has a very comfortable grip so your arm doesn't get tired while out using it. Gold metal detector widely use is perfect for finding metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected.

MOZART Hobo Nickel 1921 The Mystery of The Holy Grail Morgan Coin Commemorative Coin Commemorative Coin Ornaments Good Luck Token Rare Coin Lucky Coin

$9.98  in stock
as of 01/09/2024 9:58 pm


  • Side A: The Mystery of the Grail is a mysterious legend in which the shepherdess, knight, and the Grail are the protagonists. The Grail is said to be hidden in a mysterious place where only pure knights can find and use it. During the knight's adventure, they will encounter a wide variety of puzzles and dangers. For example, there are stone pillars with strange symbols carved into them, and only when the meaning of these symbols is analyzed can you go to the next level.
  • Side B:The eagle is the national symbol of the United States, representing freedom and strength. The plant at the foot of the eagle is an olive branch, which represents peace and tranquility. The arrow represents war and defense, which is the emphasis on national security and defense. The ears of wheat symbolize the fertility of American agriculture and the land. The entire design symbolizes America's pursuit and preservation of freedom, peace, and security.
  • Uses: It can be used as jewelry, play, games, auspicious celebrations, tribunes, rewards, token, commemorations, collections and many other content.
  • It adopts high-quality metal hydraulic molding, high strength and durability, long-term storage. Antique and old, each piece is unique. Size: 1.51 inches diameter. Packing: Commemorative coin special collection box. Size: 3.39*2.36*0.35 inches. It's great to collect it yourself, or give it to friends or family.
  • It is possible to contact and learn about different cultures and histories, increasing the fun and knowledge of the collection. Act as a lucky coin or amulet and trust it to bring you good luck and spiritual power. It can also be used as virtual currency, treasure, etc., and it is great to play various games. It can also be used for rewards for good performance, or commemorative items for special events.