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The 20 Best Free Mobile Coupon Apps for Your Smartphone

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The 20 Best Free Mobile Coupon Apps for Your Smartphone
The 20 Best Free Mobile Coupon Apps for Your Smartphone

The practice of using coupons has changed radically in the last 5 years.  The days of picking up the Sunday Newspaper in order to get grocery store coupons are long gone.  Even printing coupons off the Internet may soon fizzle out as more and more millennials enter the world of coupons via free mobile applications.

Mobile coupons are just so much easier to use for a host of reasons:

  • Mobile Coupons can be be scanned directly from your phone and both iPhone and Android Apps are now available.
  • Even Retail giants such as Walmart, Target and Dollar General are now developing their own mobile apps to keep customers coming back.
  • They allow for instant gratification and the ability to search for a specific coupon ‘on the fly’.
  • Mobile Coupons are cheap (if not FREE) to use when compared to traditional paper coupons which require a computer, printer, ink and paper.
  • Mobile Coupons can now be used at select grocery stores as well as through individual manufacturer websites.

Now that we know why they are gaining in popularity let’s look at (20) of the most popular mobile coupon programs around today.

  1. Coupons.com
  2. iBotta
  3. SavingStar
  4. Checkout 51
  5. SnipSnap
  6. RetailMeNot
  7. Target’s Cartwhee
  8. Shaw’s MyMixx
  9. Grocery IQ
  10. Grocery Smarts
  11. Flipp
  12. Groupon 
  13. ReTale
  14. Shopular
  15. ShopSaving
  16. Coupon Sherpa 
  17. Coupon Clipper 
  18. Yowka 
  19. ShopKick
  20. The Coupon App

BONUS – With the holiday season quickly approaching we want to remind our readers that nearly every major retailer will now price match a competitor’s in-store or online price.  If you are not taking advantage of this then you are missing out on a chance to save on nearly every purchase.  One of our favorite methods to price match is to use Amazon’s Shopping App.  This allows you the ability to scan the barcode of nearly any item to see what the current price on Amazon is.  Simply take your smartphone to customer service and show them the Amazon price and ask them to price match it.  Easy, peasy.

The world of mobile coupon apps can be very overwhelming especially if you are new to couponing.  Our advice is to start slowly and see which apps work best for you and your family.

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