(10) Quick & Easy Ways to Save Money at Amazon.com – 2018

(10) Quick & Easy Ways to Save Money at Amazon.com – 2018
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Amazon Prime Membership

Especially if you purchase a lot of products online then you definitely want to look into an Amazon Prime Account.  Benefits of having a Prime account include FREE 2-day shipping, unlimited movie, TV and music streaming and the ability to borrow books for your Amazon Kindle.  The savings you will likely see from reduced (or free) shipping fees will likely pay you back for the initial investment.  Not sure?  No problem, just sign up for a free 30-day trial and cancel with no obligation.  Click HERE for more details

Today’s (Lightning) Deals

Looking for a deal?  Look no further than the Amazon homepage and the ‘Today’s Deals’ section.  There you will find hand-picked deals with discounts as high as 80% off.  These are updated daily and some of them sell out very quickly so keep your eyes open.  These are also sometimes referred to as ‘Lightning’ or ‘Goldbox’ deals.  Click HERE for more details

Movers and Shakers

One of our favorite ways to look for big savings on Amazon is to check out the ‘movers and shakers’ section.   In this area you will find the products that have experienced the biggest gains (sales) when compared to the previous 24-hour period.  Often times products that are part of a ‘flash’ sale will show up here and we routinely score some really good deals using this technique.  Be careful to check the prices closely.  Sometimes a product’s price is raised back up (corrected at the conclusion of the sale) but it takes 24 hours for the item to fall off the list of movers and shakers.  Click HERE for more details

Amazon Top 100

Similar to the movers and shakers this section of Amazon’s website is a great place to look to see what is selling.  Here you will find a list of their most popular products based on overall sales and this list is updated hourly.  Click HERE for more details

Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry allows Prime members the convenience of shopping for grocery products in bulk.  Simply add items into your pantry box and check out in one swipe.  There are also special discounts offered for items you have sent automatically which can be very helpful for families that routinely purchase the same items such as baby or pet supplies.  Click HERE for more details

Amazon Warehouse

In this area of Amazon you will find special money saving deals on items that have been returned, damaged (open box) or refurbished.  You may be very surprised just what you will find here and how much it can save you.  Click HERE for more details.

Amazon Digital Coupons

Amazon not offers hundreds of digital coupons for all kinds of products from food to electronics.  Previously there was a direct link to the available coupons on the Amazon Homepage but it has since been moved.  Click HERE to see what coupons are available and to search by product for a specific coupon.

Price Matching Local Retailers

While Amazon no longer price matching other retailers we still find that many of the major retailers in our area will price match Amazon pricing.  We do this all the time especially around the holidays when Amazon offers deeply discounted products.  We use the Amazon Shopping Mobile App to make it super quick and easy.  Click HERE for more info on price matching.

Trade-In to Amazon

Amazon has a trade-in program that is valid for thousands of items to include video games, movies, electronics and books.  They make it super easy and even pay the your shipping fees to send the item to them.  We find their trade-in rates are very reasonable and we have used this service to get rid of old college textbooks.  Trade-ins are, however, only valid for Amazon.com gift cards.  More about this program can be found HERE.

Third Party Deal Trackers

There are several third-party websites that will help you look for deals on Amazon.  The one we use is thetracktor.com.  This site allows you to search for items that are popular or trending in Amazon.  One of their best features is the ability to set an alert so you can be emailed if a product you want drops below a set price (you name the price).  Worth taking the time to look at if you purchase a lot of items on Amazon that tend to fluctuate in price.

Keep Calm and Coupon

Looking for more coupons?  Click HERE to see a list of our online coupon resources.


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