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What Does Doubling Coupons Mean? Complete Guide

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What Does Doubling Coupons Mean? Complete Guide

In the world of couponing, it can be very confusing when someone mentions that a store “doubles” or even “triples” coupons.

Let’s take a look at what this really means!

what does doubling coupons mean - save more with coupons
What does “doubling coupons” mean?

Doubling Coupons means that the store will take the face value of your coupon and match the full amount.

This face value will be dependent on the store policy, but use 0.50 as an example.  If you bring your coupon to a store that has a face value of 0.50, they will give you $1 off your purchase.  This can be a really good deal when stores honor this.

Many stores will only “double” your coupon for a certain amount of face value.

For example, some may only double amounts of .50, .99, and $1.  So if you have a coupon that is .75, they will not honor it if this is their store policy.  Be sure to check with your store before using any coupons.

Some stores may only double on various days.

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Many stores have policies on where they will only double coupons on certain days of the week.  Stores will usually advertise these days on their weekly sales ads.  Be sure to read the sales fliers of your local stores to never miss their coupon double deals.

Look on your coupon for the words “Do not Double.”

Sometimes the manufacturer will not allow the coupon to be doubled under any circumstances.  This tells the store that they will only reimburse or pay them back for the face value of the coupon plus an eight-cent handling fee.  However, the store has a policy and is responsible for the doubled coupon amount if they choose to.  This means if the store chooses to double the coupon, they will only be reimbursed for the face value.  If you are unsure, always check with your store policy.

An easy way to see if you coupon will automatically double is to take a look at the barcode of the coupon.  A coupon barcode that starts with “5” will automatically double.  But, remember that the cashier can always override this and change it at the register.

You may need to join the store’s “loyalty program.”

If this is the case, you will need to sign up or fill out a form to become part of your store’s rewards or loyalty program before you can “double” coupons.  Be sure to scan or show your loyalty card before using your coupons if this is the store policy.

If the coupon bar code starts with “9”, it will not double automatically and you will need to bring it to the cashier’s attention.

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Some stores my “limit” the number of coupons they “double.”  This is probably the most common policy that I see.  For example, a store may limit an amount of “like” coupons.  Let’s say your store has a policy to where they only will honor 2 “like” coupons for doubling.  So, if you bought 3 boxes of Raisin Brand and used 4 .50 cents coupons, they would only double 2 of them.  They would still honor your 3rd coupon, but would only double the first 2 for a $1 off each Raisin Brand.

Call you your store if you are still unsure.  The easiest way if you have any questions about “doubling coupons” is to call the store and ask them.  Each store will have their own policies and guidelines on they accept coupons.

Get to know the stores in your area and their policies and you will spend less time in the checkout wondering if they will “double” your coupon.

Always keep something in mind.  One thing to always keep in mind is that “doubling coupons” is always in the hands of the store.  While a Harris Teeter nearby may double a certain coupon, the same Harris Teeter that is only 5 miles away may not.  Each individual store has it’s own policy or can implement any kind of policy they want.  This is why it is always encouraged to research as much as possible before entering the store if you plan on doubling any coupons. This will save you a lot of time and headaches in the long run when you are planning your trips and trying to save lots of money!

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